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Ubco 2x2 Adventure - 2.1Kwh

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UBCO 2X2 Adventure with 2.1Kwh battery capacity

Road registerable and ready for adventure, both on- and off-road. Versatile and tough for commuters, delivery riders or weekend warriors.

Light and Effortless

Lightweight with no clutch, a low centre of gravity, and step through frame, the 2X2 is easy to ride and manoeuvre. The electronic throttle is responsive to your riding and because the 2X2 is simpler to operate than other motorbikes, riding is intuitive and easy. Just twist the throttle and go!

All terrain tough

Ready to go the distance on city streets, muddy fields, or gravel trails, the 2WD Adventure Bike will handle all terrain. With its robust alloy 3D frame, stainless steel spokes, durable components, and a high-torque motor in each wheel, the 2X2 is built to handle challenging conditions.

Built for versatility

Go wherever you want and bring anything you need on your 2X2. The strong alloy frame includes attachment points to secure and carry cargo, tools or equipment. The 2X2 is so lightweight, you can even carry one or two on the back of your car or truck for easy transport.

Well Connected

Connect and communicate directly with the bike’s onboard safety and performance management system in the handy UBCO App. Take control with real time performance for your bike and customise your riding experience, switching between Eco, Balanced and Performance settings.

Introducing a younger rider? Power output can be reduced for a max speed of 30km/h for new riders.